Bohemian Grove: Fact or Fiction?



Is it possible that an Elite society is meeting up each year to worship and conduct ceremonies that involve sacrificing people in a ceremony known as the Cremation of Care?  What!?  Sounds crazy right!  Well.. It’s said that the members of this elite group meet every year at a place known as Bohemian Grove.  It is also said they worship an owl named Moloch (shown in the photo above).  If you were to Youtube the words Bohemian Grove, you will find tons of information that show how our former president’s and political candidates attend these events as well.  Is this true?  If so, what could they possibly be discussing?  And most of all, why is this owl they worship (Moloch) supposed to be secretly hidden on the one dollar bill(see below)?  Thoughts?



Bohemian grove

Photo of Bohemian Grove Ceremony

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